Happy Thanksgiving, Blogging Slow September But Successful Harvest

Happy Thanksgiving, Blogging Slow September But Successful Harvest

Oct 10, 2011
My September blogging was slow and I will tell you why. I have two valid excuses, my corporate taxes were due (I hate penalties) and I spent many days preserving vegetables.

Cooking variety of tomato sauces the most, freezing peppers and peeling lots of garlic. I am very lucky and very thankful at the same time for the beautiful vegetables and fruit I received from my mother-in-law and my parents.

Red and Green Peppers

Being married to Italian family you just ought to have tomato sauce, and I do now. If I had my stand alone freezer on the first floor it would probably go through the floor – heavy, heavy. Few years ago I phase out freezing cooked food in plastic containers or bags. It is all in Mason jars now.

Being Ukrainian – we are potato people, plenty this year too.


As always lots of garlic from both sides of family. I simply peel it and keep in the fridge in the jars. It stays for a long time – until next summer.

Mason Wide Mouth Lids

Mason Wide Mouth Glass Jars

Oh and I forgot to mention vegetables and fruit I don’t freeze, we just enjoy them fresh – green beans, egg plants, parsley, basil, black barries and raspberries.

Egg Plants

Over the years I tried to grow vegetables in pots – on the backyard and front yard. I was successful many times. Mainly tomatoes, beans, basil and parsley.

Plum Italian Tomato

One year I planted lot of tomatoes and beans in front of the house. It was really successful year. I still remember people stopping by and asking ‘Are these tomatoes in front of your house?’.

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  1. Ha, I don’t know how to can vegetables, but I’d rather be canning than blogging! ;-)

  2. Marvin, canning is fun (I usually call it jarring, lol, makes more sense to me), but I like blogging too, equal rating for both.
    Anna :)

  3. I love canning Anna! I put up salsa, dill pickles & beans, plus sweet pickles this year. Also lots of strawberry jam & concentrate in the spring. I even made my own apple butter, but just a jar full, as the rest of the batch I tried to turn into fruit leather (bombed!). I think a good reason as any to be torn away from blogging!

  4. Katherine good for you. It is lot of work, I find fun work and rewarding at the same time.
    I have not done much fruit this year, as I am still eating frozen one from last year, lol.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a good Sunday.
    Anna :)