Coyote Sighting, Hamilton Park Near Playground On Pinnacle Trail

Coyote Sighting, Hamilton Park Near Playground On Pinnacle Trail

It was kind of ironic that just yesterday for some reason I was thinking about the coyotes. It warmed up and we decided to go for a long walk. We walked from home all the way to the Arboretum entrance on Industrial Parkway.

Industrial Parkway, Community Arboretum

We walked the trail and walked out on the Somerton Ct and then headed for the playground at the Thompson Park. We usually walk all the way to the Optimist Park, but then thinking about the coyote made me cut our trail walk short.

Did coyote hear me?


Today around eleven we were walking on the Pinnacle Trail. It was us, a caregiver with three children and other couple walking. Matthew with other little boy was running ahead of us.

At some point when we were calling them to get back to us – this dog came out from the Hamilton Park (soccer field) right onto Pinnacle Trail and headed West towards St. Andrew’s Golf Course. He was at least five houses away from us. When I walked up to the playground he was already gone.

Coyote Came Out From Here

At first I thought, oh no not another dog off the leash. But then it did not look like a dog. It did not walk like a dog. It was on the mission. It was definitely a coyote, and a good size coyote too – tall and slender. He crossed the road and walked on the sidewalk, definitely passed by the playground unnoticed.

Playground at the Hamilton Park, Pinnacle Trail

Later walking on the Rush Road we found garbage mess. We thought may be he was looking for the food – they always do. I think these sightings will be more common especially with all all the loose rabbits and chipmunks hanging out in our subdivision on our front and back yards.

Now message to all the parents – don’t loose sight of your child on the playground. The play structure can block your view. Stay with your child all the time especially in the areas where there is a lot of open park land and trees.

This was my second sighting of the coyote in the Hamilton Park. First time I was actually at the soccer field when I saw one snooping around on the other side. I don’t know how much we can do about the wildlife around us, but do keep your eyes open around you and watch your small children.

Sorry no picture – I wasn’t fast enough. It is usually the shock of the unexpected slows me down getting my camera. Not to mention safety is always first and we had two children ahead of us.

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  1. Hi Anna!

    A coyote?! Beep-beep…! lol
    Now seriously, I think they are out and about Washington as well (a Spanish exchange.programme student spotted one in a woods near Washington DC, if my memory doesn’t fail me) and parents were a bit frightened.

    Loved the trees picture: so peaceful…

    My darling, I hope all is well with you and Matthew :).


  2. Hi Max,
    Lol, lol, it is possible but we all know that coyotes are every where, just it is unusual to see them in the residential areas.
    Thanks for your comment and visit.
    Anna :)