Children Versus Adult Library Card, The Difference, Oh I Guess I Am Reading Children’s Books

Children Versus Adult Library Card, The Difference, Oh I Guess I Am Reading Children’s Books

We were out the Aurora library at the check-out. Matthew had his books and DVDs, and I had my nice selection too. I gave the librarian my library card and she scanned all the DVDs.

Then she asked if I had child card (she meant for Matthew), which I did. She suggested to use child library card versus adult card because penalty for child books is 5 cents a day versus 25 cents a day for an adult. We are always on time with our returns – but never know what may happen one day. We already did one little mistake bringing an empty DVD case.

First Light, Book by Rebecca Stead

I liked the suggestion, however it applies to children books only, so I started to separate my books from the pile. The librarian assured me that all the books I had were children books. I looked up and said – ‘oh I guess I am reading children’s books‘. ‘That’s fine‘ – she replied smiling.
‘There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.’ ~ Jacqueline Kennedy
So I am reading children’s books and I am really enjoying them. I must have read over 20 books by now and I have not found a bad book yet – meaning to read first page and that was it.

By reading children’s books (or more like young adult books) I am compensating for all the missing years of not being able to read during my teenage years.

When we came to this country I was 14 years old. In a week I started high school grade 9 second semester. I did well in math and science as it seems very universal at that time. English – I had a lot to learn.

I remembered that when I finally was able to read and understand well written stories it was in my third year of university. It was a relief to read an exciting book between my engineering and very technical exams. At that time they were books for adults.

Having this great opportunity to be with Matthew and to read so many books for him also I am given an opportunity to step back in time and able to complete reading books I have missed during my teenage years.

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  3. Nice story. Where are you from?

  4. Lorraine, thank you for your comment.
    I am Ukrainian born in Poland.
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