Changing Aurora, New Grounds For Petch House, Near Aurora Senior Centre

Changing Aurora, New Grounds For Petch House, Near Aurora Senior Centre

Sep 13, 2012
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Restored Petch log house will be placed near the Aurora Senior Centre – may be this fall or next spring. I doubt that anything will happen in the winter time.

To add to my changing Aurora series, it will be interesting area to visit having Petch House, Aurora Senior Centre and Town Hall – all seconds or minutes away from each other. Not to mention Skylight gallery at the Town Hall and entrance to the Community Arboretum.

Future Location of the Petch Log House, Community Arboretum

The Petch log house definitely will stand out, especially being the only log house around all brick buildings. Looks like the area for the log house is now ready and fenced. All we need is the Petch log house. Let us then wait.

Outside Log Structure Of The Petch House

Couple of weeks ago when we were walking at the Community Arboretum we dropped by the future location of the Petch log house.

Well how much can you write about the fenced empty area, however, when I got home there was a comment written by Mike McCartney, and since the post he commented on Petch House, It Was A Lifetime Opportunity, was from last year, I thought it will be nice to re-quote his comment here in the post.

Hi I have enjoyed reading your postings and pictures of the Petch House. I’ve tried searching the web for more history on this house but have had no luck.

A little bit of what I do know I learned from my family. The Mills family bought the property in the early 70′s, when it stood on Leslie Street, and started what turned out to be a very large Thouroubred horse breeding operation called Aurora Meadows. My uncle Alfred Mills who lived in it for many years told us that the original log cabin was apparently the scene of the last Indian/Settler skirmish in the area and was actually able to show us an arrowhead that was imbedded in one of the logs.

Not sure how historically accurate this is but thought you might find it interesting.

A bit of interesting information – an arrowhead embedded in one of the logs? May be I should revisit my pictures and look for it.

Office/Retail Building, Nino D’aversa Bakery, Aurora

I often visit Town Hall to see the Skylight gallery, but I do also take photos from the windows on the third floor or from the parking lot. Looking North West there is a new building in town as well, office/retail space building – on the same plaza as Nino D’aversa Bakery.

Commemorative Trees in the Community Arboretum, Aurora

I hope that I am not the only one, but I really enjoy reading plaques, and when comes to the Community Arboretum if I had hours to spare I could spend those hours walking and looking at the plaques of the commemorative trees, and they don’t have to be just memorials to loved ones we have lost.

They enable individuals, or groups, or organizations, to commemorate something that is important to them. The trees may be used as memorials to loved ones we have lost, or they may be gifts of love for husbands, wives, parents who are still living. They may commemorate special events in our lives, the birth of children, special birthdays, marriage. They may recognize achievement by individuals or groups, or by an organization to recognize the accomplishment of individuals. The opportunities are endless.” Source: Community Arboretum, Aurora.

Aurora has been changing for almost 150 years, but definitely much faster in the recent years.

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