Aurora ‘s Santa Under The Stars Parade And How The Grinch Stole The Christmas Parade

Aurora ‘s Santa Under The Stars Parade And How The Grinch Stole The Christmas Parade

Looks like Santa arrived from the North Pole this morning and brought snow with him and some cold. And then Dr. Seuss’s Grinch stole the parade.

I think Grinch stole the parade this year …

I enjoyed last year parade, but this year I was able to capture exceptional moments. Despite the cold and windy, the parade was filled with Aurorans.

I am not sure if I am a big fan of the decorations presented during the parade, but I am big fan of the participants. The people’s faces and expressions who participated in the parade – were priceless.

Santa Under The Stars Parade, Aurora

Unless I missed some, I did see over four live Grinch appearances throughout the parade and few un-live – on pictures. No offence to Santa who didn’t age at all or look any different this year, definitely Grinch took over and was my favorite.

I was also surprised of all the different mascots out there today. Even Mr. Peanut showed up, but he was moving too much and gotten no pictures of him.

Unless I didn’t look down during the last year’s parade, many dogs participated in this year’s parade 2012. It was interesting to see many many dogs. They were nicely dressed up for the occasion and did very well.

Unless I missed something, we had beautiful horses pulling wagons. Every once in a while the horses were bowing which was neat thing to watch.

Santa Under Stars Parade, Salvation Army Singer

Unless I missed them zooming by me last year, we had many many dancers. I am still practicing, night or low light photography, but dancing activity in the low light is still hard for me to capture.

It is always nice to see children. They were everywhere – dancing, singing, performing gymnastics, held by parents. It was a site to see.

Santa Under Stars Parade, Aurora

It was so hard to reduce the amount of photos I wanted to display. This is probably the biggest gallery posted here yet. I really enjoyed photographing the Aurora’s Santa Under the Stars Parade, 2012.

I probably would have much bigger gallery but I was really cold and shaking in the low light didn’t help. I never knew that frost bite can hurt so much. I know it wasn’t that cold, but holding metal camera wasn’t helping. After all I am happy with the results.


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