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Aurora Pet Cemetery Happy Woodland, Just A Bit More And May Be Last

I have gone that far and here I am giving up. For time being I have decided to physically stop searching for the Woodland (sometimes referred as Woodlawn) Pet cemetery in Aurora.

Pet Cemetery, Access Denied

It isn’t going to happen after seeing this sign. The Kennel Inn is now closed and there is absolutely no trespassing. I thought that Kennel Inn was always private property, but according to the sign it is now.

Who Was Mrs. Capstick, Pet Cemetery, Part V

I know that I have not written much about Victor Blochin since his wife Anne Elizabeth Blochin, maiden name Wilson,

People Behind The Pet Cemetery, Mrs. Anne Elizabeth Blochin, Part IV

Some sources are telling me that there is a possibility that the overgrown pet cemetery was owned by Kennel Inn in Aurora, and now is changing hands, possibly to be developed in the future.

About Canada’s Only Pet Cemetery In Aurora, Finally, Part III

Happy Woodlawn (Woodland) was the Canada’s first and only pet cemetery situated here Aurora, Ontario. It was privately own by Mr. and Mrs. Victor Blochin.

Happy Woodlawn Pet Cemetery, Dog Ghost Stories, Part II

It was the Forgotten Mysteries 1947 book by R. Dewitt Miller that I stumbled upon and the local article to connect the two to find out that Mr. and Mrs. Blochin were the owners of the Bencruachan Kennnels and a couple who started the first pet cemetery in Canada here in Aurora.

Pet Cemetery, Not Just Aurora’s But Canada’s First, Part I

Happy Woodlawn is the name of the Canada’s first pet cemetery located here in Town of Aurora, Ontario. Where exactly? Some of us do know and some of us do not.

A Bit Of Museum & History At The Aurora Farmers Market

Meeting The Cracklin’ Kettle Corn gang and having popcorn for the first time this year I thought that was enough excitement for us for the day