Who Was Mrs. Capstick, Pet Cemetery, Part V

Who Was Mrs. Capstick, Pet Cemetery, Part V

Jul 13, 2011
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I know that I have not written much about Victor Blochin since his wife Anne Elizabeth Blochin, maiden name Wilson, was always on the spotlight. However, Victor Blochin was famous for breeding West Highland White Terrier (Westie) at his Bencruachan Kennels, and while searching around I have seen Victor Blochin Trophy, I legacy he left behind.

Westies In Canada. In Canada the first Westie registered was in 1909. Victor Blochin, Bencruachan Kennels, owned the first group-winning Westie in Canada. He bred from the 1930s to the 1950s and his dogs are found in the background of many Canadian lines.‘, Source: West Heaven Westies.com.

I am sure you are really curious about Mrs. Capstick. The newspaper article below from 1940 says it all.

Toronto Woman, Lover of Animals, Asks Her Own Ashes Strewn In Pet Cemetery

One of Aurora’s unique features came into prominence this week when the will of the late Mrs. Florence Capstick, Glenforest Rd., Toronto, was read, for Mrs. Capstick by testamentary disposition had instructed her executors to scatter her ashes in the grounds of Happy Woodland cemetery, a pet cemetery on Yonge St. south, conducted by Mr. and Mrs. Victor Blochin.

This is probably the first occasion that anything of this nature has ever occurred, according to Mrs. Blochin and certainly it is the first occasion in the history of the pet cemetery.

“Mrs. Capstick was an unusual person, with a tremendous devotion to animals,” she said. “Her kind deeds were known throughout north Toronto, and she taught kindness to dumb animals to little children. She was not a contributor, nor did she have any pets buried here, but she did pay us frequent visits. Many people have expressed a desire to be buried in our cemetery, but, of course, that is not possible by law. Mrs. Capstick’s plan, however, cannot be prohibited. We knew nothing about it, but knowing her character we are content in the matter.

“Mrs. Capstick was a frequent contributor to pet columns and magazines.”

REFERENCE: The Newmarket Era, Thursday, September 12th, 1940; The Aurora Era.

This concludes my research results on the pet cemetery in Aurora. The site is going to be developed in the near future. If we cannot preserve in artifacts, then may be we can preserve in memories via photography. My camera is always ready.

Happy Woodland (Woodlawn)

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